- Luna Corazon - Nata - Home Sweet Home Episode 2 - Before We Sleep (1080p/FullHD) - Luna Corazon - Nata - Home Sweet Home Episode 2 - Before We Sleep (1080p/FullHD)

Passionate lesbian lovers Luna Corazon and Nata embrace in a candlelit bathroom, as episode two of Nik Fox’s erotic movie series “Hone Sweet Home” begins. The horny girlfriends are electrifying as they grind their lingerie-clad bodies against each other, kissing voraciously. Moving to the bedroom, ebony beauty Luna takes the lead, straddling cute brunette Nata, pulling down her bra and sucking her nipples erect. Nata’s moans grow loud and urgent when Luna peels off her panties, spreads her legs wide and starts to lick her shaved pussy, thrusting a couple of fingers into her wet pink slit and sucking at her clit. She raises Nata’s feet up high – giving her toes a sensual suck – and squeezes her nipples as she frigs her to an explosive climax. Nata doesn’t even pause to catch her breath before sucking Luna’s perfect breasts and eating her pussy. Luna strums her own clit as her sweetheart finger-bangs her frantically, driving her to orgasm. The horny lovers aren’t done yet though. Luna frigs Nata’s sopping wet pussy while simultaneously rimming her asshole, until she cums again; and Nata naturally treats Luna to a second climax before they are finally sated… for now.

Porno actress: Luna Corazon Nata
Title: Home Sweet Home Episode 2 - Before We Sleep
Release date: 2018
Porno Site: /

Porno Genre: Ebony, Lesbians, Rimming, Anal, Interracial, Teen, Brunette, Girl Orgasm, Lingerie, Shaved Pussy, Rimjob, Bathroom, Shaved, Movie
Duration: 00:21:17

Quality: FullHD
Format: mp4
Size: 1.18 Gb

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