- Casey, Lady Bug - Make Me Cum - S33:E29 (720p/HD) - Nov 20, 2019 - Casey, Lady Bug - Make Me Cum - S33:E29 (720p/HD) - Nov 20, 2019

Casey and her girlfriend Lady Bug are playing a sensual game outdoors that involves a blindfold and plenty of teasing and kisses. Its tons of fun, but when the blindfold comes off the kisses dont stop. In fact, things get even more heated. Taking Ladys hand, Casey leads her short lover into a more secluded area that comes complete with a couch. Now that they have some privacy, the girls hold nothing back in their make out session. Caseys hands are everywhere on Ladys body, and Lady matches caress for caress. As Casey gets on her knees to peel her shirt off, Lady watches hungrily for that first look at her lovers breasts. She cant wait another moment to take her own shirt off and then help Casey out of her shorts. Bending Casey forward, Lady spends some time worshipping her girlfriends plump ass with kisses and strokes of her soft palms. She gradually makes her way towards Caseys anus, fondling it with her tongue. Then she puts her hands to work, sliding first one, then two fingers knuckle deep into Caseys cum hungry fuck hole. With her talented touch, Lady is quickly able to get Casey rocking back to meet every pulse of her fingers until shes moaning with the force of her climax. As her body continues to buck, Casey turns around and turns the tables on Lady! Pushing Lady onto her back, Casey buries her feet between her girlfriends thighs. Her tongue works overdrive, tantalizing Ladys clit until Lady cant hold back the wave of pleasure that crashes over her. Lady isnt finished yet. She urges Casey to get on her back in a similar position to the one that Lady just enjoyed. Settling between Caseys legs, Lady mimics the tongue Olympics that Casey did for her. She keeps up the fast and furious pace until Caseys moans and pulsing pussy indicate that Casey has once again peaked with carnal pleasure. Casey is eager to give as good as she gets, so its no surprise that she goes back to work on Lady. She bends Lady over the edge of the couch, which opens Ladys cream filled pussy up nicely. As Casey works wonders with her tongue, Lady reaches back to keep Caseys head right where she wants it. Once her climax has swept over her, Lady slides down from the couch and tastes her own essence as she pulls Casey in for a deep kiss. Show more

Porno actress: Casey, Lady Bug
Title: Make Me Cum - S33:E29
Release date: 2020
Porno Site:

Porno Genre: BBW, Lesbians, Foot Fetish, European, Smal Tits, Pussy Licking, Brunette, Medium Tits, Shaved Pussy, Long hair, Small Boobs, Outdoor, Blindfold,
Duration: 00:20:39

Quality: HD
Format: mp4
Size: 516.72 Mb

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