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Date: Сегодня, 12:13
MomsLickTeens/RealityKings - Briana Banks, Darcie Dolce - How To Use A Dildo (720p / HD)

Darcies step-mom, Brianna, is going away on vacation. While shes gone, she doesnt want Darcie going through her things - shes quite territorial, after all. Because their relationship started off on the wrong foot, there was nothing Brianna could do but tell Darcie to stay the fuck out of her room. Of course, as soon as Brianna is gone, Darcie sneaks in to find something useful - how dare this step-mom order her around? Brianna starts dating her dad, and thinks she can tell Darcie where she can and cannot go?! Through this revenge rummaging, Darcie finds a perfect little dildo to steal away to the back yard - sloppily sucking and fucking it! But what happens when Brianna comes back to find Darcie naked on the lawn, spit dripping from her favorite purple toy? Will these girls learn to share, or double-down on their aggression? Hopefully both…?

Date: Сегодня, 12:06
TeensLoveHugeCocks/RealityKings - Anya Krey, Chris Diamond - Learning The Mother Tongue (720p / HD)

In preparation for her upcoming once-in-a-lifetime school trip, Anya has hired Chris as her Spanish tutor to learn some useful phrases. But Anya is bored of the stale textbook examples everybody learns. She wants to experience the real language – something she can use to have fun, party, and get to know people better than with "small talk." What about body parts? Head, eyes, nose… Lips. Or the verbs; Hugging, kissing… Cumming? These are important things for a hot teen in a foreign country to know! Maybe Chris would be the perfect test run to practice Anyas skills in the more intimate side of Spanish… Its a romance language after all, isnt it? The eager teen easily seduces her instructor - Anya wrapped her mouth around Chris cock faster than she learned how to curl her Rs! If only her dad knew what Anyas tongue was really doing during these one-on-one sessions…

Date: Сегодня, 12:02
MomsBangTeens/RealityKings - Diamond Foxx, Sloan Harper - Honk If You Are Horny (720p / HD)

Hello, ladies and gentleman, its Diamond Foxxx here. I was out grabbing the mail when I saw my husbands car rocking back and forth… At first I was worried it was him in there with another woman, but I was in for a bigger surprise! I snuck around and spotted my step-son Robby with his young cock hanging out, and his gorgeous blond girlfriend Sloan was hesitantly licking it. Oh, these poor teens had no idea what they were doing! They were so innocent, I couldnt get mad - theres no point in yelling at hormone-driven college kids. Instead, I thought they might benefit from learning a thing or two, and they could certainly do it inside rather than a stuffy car! I brought them in and started showing them how to give Sloans pouty lips and wet pussy the proper attention they deserve… Robby and Sloan just needed an experienced woman like myself to show them how much more fun it was when you dont need to hide in a teeny car! I hope you enjoy!

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