- Darcia Lee, Nesty, Renato - Lovers And Friends - S32:E1 (720p/HD) - Jun 5, 2019 

Renato and Darcia Lee are friends and lovers. They start out fun and flirty with a passionate embrace, but Darcia is interested in one thing only. With her dress showing off her bra and her miniskirt hiked up around her waist to reveal her thong, Darcia leads Renato to bed. Once hes seated, she climbs into his lap to rub her snatch against his hardon through all their clothes.
After she distracts Renato by peeling off her dress, Darcia pulls a blindfold from beneath the pillow. When shes certain Renato cant see, she beckons her friend Nesty over from where shes been hidden the whole time. The girls try to keep their mirth to themselves as Nesty secretly takes Darcias place by pulling Renatos fuck stick out of his pants to start sucking. Watching her friend give her boyfriend a BJ is the perfect tableau for Darcia to reach into her underwear and start masturbating.
When Darcia finally relieves Renato of his blindfold, he cant hide his surprise. Thats not to say hes not into it. Now that the gig is up, the girls can work together to keep stroking Renato off while putting their mouths to work. The double BJ only ends when Renato puts Darcia on her back so he can assert himself by leaning in to feast on her bare pussy. Nesty is cool with that since it gives her the chance to lean in and press her breasts to Darcias mouth for a lusty titty sucking.
When Renato urges Nesty on to her hands and knees so he can sample her pussy juices, the girls rearrange themselves accordingly. Darcia takes the opportunity to lay down in front of Nesty with her thighs parted. Thats the perfect position for Nesty to lean forward and lap away at her friends slippery snatch. Even when Renato starts fucking her dogguy style, Nesty keeps up the slow and steady good work with her magical tongue.
Pulling Darcia forward into the spot that Nesty has just vacated, Renato wastes no time in filling his girlfriend with the D. Nesty leans forward to rub Darcias clit, doubling down on her friends deep pleasure. Then she moves higher on the bed to cradle Darcias head as the brunette comes apart in her arms.
Renato is quick to move so that hes spooning with Nesty as Darcia recovers from her climax. Holding one thigh high, Nesty welcomes Renato back inside. Darcia gets right up into the action, sucking Renatos balls and tantalizing Nestys fuck hole. Each time Renatos dick pops out, Darcia is there to lick it clean before he pushes back into Nesty.
The girls have each had aa climax, but theyre not done with their mutual stud quite yet. When Renato lays down on the bed, Darcia climbs aboard his fuck stick while Nesty plants her pussy on his mouth. They ride him together while exchanging kisses over his prone body. Then Darcia gets off so Nesty can enjoy a reverse cowgirl ride to her final orgasm. Renato follows Nesty down the path of pleasure, fucking her to the end as he fills her snatch with a big creampie.
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  • 21 - Eva Elfie - Pure Passion - S31:E29 (720p/HD) - May 30, 2019  

A warm shower leaves Eva Elfie nice and wet and gives her the opportunity to run both the spray and her talented hands all over her supple body. Her breasts are large against her small frame and jiggle delightfully as she rubs them down with her hands. Bringing the hose for the sprayer between her legs, Eva uses it to tease her bald pussy while she finishes hosing down.
By the time Eva is done in the shower, Adam Ocelot has joined her in the bathroom. Hes wearing nothing but a towel, which hes happy to drop when his horny girlfriend makes it clear that the shower spray wasnt as satisfying as his dick would be. Drawing Eva in for a kiss, Adam lets his hands roam her slim figure while he presses his hardon against her yielding belly.
Eva lets Adam explore her to his hearts content, but eventually she moves on to start taking care of his obvious need. She drops to her knees, then pulls Adams penis close so she can wrap her hot little lips around the head. As she dives into a BJ, Eva lets her hand creep up to continue playing with her breasts as she keeps her own motor running hot and heavy.
Adam takes the time to make a nest of their towels on the bathroom floor before laying Eva out like his own personal buffet. Although her tits are tantalizing, his real goal is the sweet spot between her thighs. Eva is eager to lift one leg high and let Adam have his wicked way with her as he indulges in a pussy feast that leaves them both ready to play.
Relocating to another room, the couple makes it about as far as a chair before Adam takes a seat and lets Eva have another oral go at his fuck stick. Evas hot mouth is perfection as Adam puts his hand on the back of her head to encourage her to deep throat. Then he urges her to climb to her feet so she can slide down on his erection and take off on a stiffie ride that gets her titties bouncing hard and fast.
Eva takes Adams place on the chair and leans back all the way until he settles between her legs. Holding on to one of Evas legs to help her stay in position, he slides back inside her dripping warmth. Then he gives her the long, sure strokes that she craves as he takes her in a deeply satisfying coupling.
On her knees as she leans over the chair, Eva watches over one shoulder as Adam reenters her yet again. This time their doggy style position lets his strokes touch every deep spot inside her that makes her moan. Eva cant contain her pure passion as she rocks into every one of Adams thrusts. Its not long before she is boneless with her complete orgasmic bliss.
Once hes certain that he has satisfied Eva, Adam takes a seat on the ground and draws his girlfriend close. Eva knows just what to do. She opens her mouth to resume her BJ as Adam lets his hands explore every inch of her soft curves. As Adam reaches the edge of his endurance, Eva draws back and aims Adams fuck stick so he covers her jugs in a shower of hot love.
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FilthyPOV - Andi James - My Mom Needs Some Special Attention After Getting Stood Up By My Dad! (1080p/FullHD)

My dad can be a real dick sometimes to my Step Mom, Andi. I think she is really nice and deserves better, I come home one night and find her crying from being stood up. I can tell there was something on her mind, I went into my room and a few mins later I am surprised by Andi. She tells me she has been watching me work out and it really turns her on. She pulls the cover down to expose my hard cock and starts to rub it, I am so excited to fuck my Step Mom. I can barely hold my load and cum deep inside her pussy and watch is drip out!
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SexArt/MetArt - Skye Blue - Your Choice (1080p/FullHD)

Synopsis: Cute blonde Skye Blue takes the lead in this fascinating glimpse behind the scenes on a SexArt production. As director Andrej Lupin calls action on “Your Choice,” stunning Skye – aided by producer Ariel Piper Fawn – invites social media followers to pick what positions they would like to see her in. Maxmilian Dior watches enthusiastically as the responses roll in, contributing his own suggestions, eager to get intimate with this gorgeous girl. They begin with Max squeezing and sucking Skye’s beautiful breasts as she grinds in his lap, before she turns around into the first requested position, reverse cowgirl. Guiding his stiff cock into her shaved pussy, she slides up and down on it, rocking her hips to take it deeper, breasts bouncing alluringly. Max strokes Skye’s clit as she rides to a powerful orgasm, then dismounts and kneels to suck her juice from his thick shaft, and jerk it between her big boobs. They switch positions so Max can kiss his way down to Skye’s pussy, fingering and eating her avidly, then thrusting back inside her in missionary. He fucks her energetically, picking her up still impaled on his cock and carrying her to the bed, where they try the scissors position requested, but soon switch to doggie so they can go wild. Face down ass up, Skye encourages Max to plow into her vigorously. Finally, they switch to cowgirl, Skye riding to another climax and a hot creampie that gushes out as they uncouple.
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