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Date: 17-02-2018, 07:45
FakeTaxi - Verona Sky - Backseat undressing erection issues (720p / HD)

I was having a slow day in the Fake Taxi today, so Verona Sky opening my door was a welcome distraction. The 27 year old didnt look a day over 23, and she was headed to a business meeting in the center. She asked me in if she could change in the backseat, which was fine, but she didnt want me to look, which was an issue. How did she expect me to keep my eyes off her perky tits, pretty pussy, and round ass? We had a problem: she had given me an erection! I needed her to help me with it, so I hopped into the backseat for a quick blowjob, then fucked her tight pussy and creampied her!

Date: 13-02-2018, 14:51
FakeHub/FakeTaxi - Julia De Lucia - Spanish beauty loves taxi cock (720p / HD)

Julia De Lucia got in my cab today, and I guess she was expecting John or something. Thats what she said, anyway, then she told me how she was disappointed because she wanted to rub her pussy on his beard! Well, I dont have a beard, but Ive got a bigger cock than John does, so I offered to fill-in, so to speak. I hopped into the backseat and Julia got her big fake tits out, then let me give her a sloppy facefuck. She was one wild ride, to the point that she licked my arse and played with her clit while I came all over her body!

Date: 5-02-2018, 14:41
FakeHub/FakeTaxi - Katrina Moreno - Hot Latina with big tits and ass (720p / HD)

Latina hottie Katrina Moreno got into the taxi today, but she didnt speak much English. She communicated enough to let me know where she wanted to go, and it was an expensive ride. As we got closer to the destination, I asked her how she would be paying. Katrina only had Euros, which were no good for me, I needed Czech crowns! Using my phones translator, I told her if she flashed me she could have the ride for free. She got her big tits out, which immediately made me hard, and the sight of my cock made her give me a blowjob. I fucked her in the backseat, bouncing her big booty up and down on my cock, then came on her pussy!

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