BubblegumDungeon.com - London River - DJ My Clit (720p/HD)

London River is absolutely enchanting with her bright pink eyeshadow and even brighter smile. Shes tied up so snugly with neon ropes that she has to waddle a bit, but thats okay because shes in for a very special treat today! You see, what goes on in the Bubblegum Dungeon STAYS in the Bubblegum Dungeon, and its ALWAYS ladies choice.
Londons a bit shy at first to share her NAUGHTIEST secrets... but with some encouragement, she proudly announces that she loooooves rough sex. She even brought her own flogger! Since its bright purple, theres nothing to be afraid of because its friendly, see?
Even with the help of a friendly flogger, what does it REALLY take to get this beautiful, busty babe off? Apparently, not much! With all the weird things shes done, getting London off is still not rocket science. Its all about that clit -- you just gotta DJ it a little bit and shes good to go!
Speaking of good to go, Londons overjoyed when shes finally tied down to the snow-white sofa where her colorful wardrobe really pops. With the promise of having both her pussy and ass played with, Small Hands is gonna be doing more than just DJing the clit...
While Small Hands satisfies Londons hunger with a nice taste of his cock, London mesmerizes him with her charming laugh. Even with her ankles bound behind her head and rainbow clips pinching her pussy, Londons having the time of her life. In THIS dungeon, its all about the sugar coating!
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