Nubilefilms - Ariana Marie - Romance And Roses (720p / HD)

Ariana Marie lays in bed decked out in a bra, panties, and blindfold that are all the same deep blue. Her breath comes in short gasps as Lucas Frost caresses her skin with the petals of a rose, then leans forward to replace the flower with his lips. Removing Arianas bra, Lucas takes the time to tenderly explore each of her tan lined breasts and small hard nipples before shifting his attention lower on Arianas body.

When Logan peels off Arianas panties and slides his tongue down her slit, her breath hitches in expectation. Lucas doesnt disappoint, settling in for a trimmed pussy feast that splits his focus between Arianas clit and twat. Winding his fingers through Arianas hands, Lucas sucks her meaty folds into his mouth and applies the perfect amount of pressure with his lips and tongue.

When Lucas releases Ariana from her blindfold, she is ripe with sexual need and eager to please. She pushes her boyfriend down on the bed, relieving him of his briefs and taking his long dick in her hand. Sucking slowly and steadily, she enjoys a languorous blowjob as she gradually works her way up to deep throating Lucas as deep as she can take him.

Since deep is the name of the game on multiple levels, Ariana abandons her sucking and swings one leg over her lovers hips to straddle him. With Lucass hand acting as a guide, Ariana slides down on his fuck stick and leans forward for a kiss once shes fully impaled. Moving her slender figure in a primal rhythm, she works her hips until she cant keep from moaning her delight.

When Ariana switches spots with Lucas and lays on her belly, she shivers with excitement at his touch on her back and bottom as he comes up behind her. Sliding into Ariana from behind, Lucas delivers long strokes that touch every inch of his girlfriend form the inside out. He pauses to lick and kiss Arianas bubble butt before going back to work for her pleasure.

Flipping onto her back and spreading her thighs wide to cradle Lucas at the heart of her pleasure, Ariana closes her eyes and cries out her delight as her pussy pulses. Lucas slides deep and fast, hooking one hand around Arianas thigh to bring her to one final climax. Moments later, he pulls out and takes aim at hid lovers tits to leave her covered in the hot evidence of his love.
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NubileFilms - Taylor Sands - Closer To You (720p / HD)

Taylor Sands wears nothing more than an apron as she prepares a steak supper to surprise her boyfriend Renato. Naked cooking makes it simple for Renato to explore Taylors silky skin with his big hands as he relocates her to the couch. When Taylor kneels before him and pulls out his stiffie, Renato is already nice and hard for her attention.
Stroking her hand up and down Renatos shaft, Taylor takes her time licking the head of his cock. She settles in for a languorous blowjob, sucking the head of her lovers dick and playing with his balls. Though her body hums with need, Taylor would be content to spend the evening playing with Renatos hardon and tasting the musk of his arousal.
When Renato cant take another moment of her sensual assault, he urges Taylor to her feet and removes the apron that hugs her curves. Making sure that Taylors tits and ass enjoy the touch of his hands and lips, Renato gradually works his way to the heart of his girlfriends desire. Splaying Taylor on the couch, he spreads her thighs and takes his time lapping away at her hairy pussy before adjusting his position so that he is spooning behind her.
Lifting her thigh over Renatos hips, Taylor groans in delight as he enters her from behind her and takes her with slow and steady strokes. When she gets on her hands and knees for a deeper angle of penetration, her gasps of delight fill the room. Anchoring his hands on Taylors hips, Renato sets a carnal rhythm that leaves them both on a razors edge.
Settling himself on the couch, Renato pulls Taylor down into his lap as she guides his cock deep into her twat. The intimate position leaves them in the perfect position to enjoy deep kisses and a sensual exploration of each others heated bodies. When Taylor turns around and positions herself with her back to Renato so she can set a harder, faster, and utterly satisfying pace that gets her tits bouncing as her body explodes in orgasmic bliss.
Pressing Taylor on her back on the couch, Renato towers over her as he penetrates her once again. His position of power is an aphrodisiac that leaves Taylor moaning with the force of another powerful climax. Pulling out at the last moment, Renato lets his control slip and takes aim at Taylors belly for his cum shot. All smiles, Taylor pulls Renato close to skim her hands over his face as she enjoys the afterglow of a good fuck.
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Nubilefilms - Maya Bijou, Nia Nacci - Two To Please (720p / HD)

Logan Long knows hes about to have an amazing time as beauties Maya Bijou and Nia Nacci join him in the bedroom. The trio exchange lingering kisses that show without a doubt their affection for one another. As their lips remain locked, all three of their hands start to wander. Soon the girls skirts are around their waists to reveal their bottoms and their tops are pulled down to allow plenty of tit licking.

Whipping out Logans hardon while stepping out of their dresses, the girls push their man down on the bed. They work together, delivering a double blowjob that is as hot as it is sultry. Working with their hands and mouths, they stroke Logans big dick and suck him in as deep as their throats can handle.

When Maya finds herself on her back on the bed, she cant suppress a moan as Logan slides between her thighs and enters her with a swift thrust. Nia is quick to take care of Mayas gasps and groans, muffling the sound by straddling Mayas face and pressing her pussy down for a good licking. With one lover riding her fuck hole and the other riding her face, Maya is happily the middle of a passion sandwich.

Switching places with Nia, Maya positions herself with her back against the headboard and her thighs wide apart. On her hands and knees, Nia leans forward to lap at the heart of Mayas pleasure as Logan takes her from behind. Nias slim body quivers with every one of Logans thrusts. Gripping Nias mocha ass with his big hands, Logan anchors her in place as he picks up the pace.

Taking his turn in the middle, Logan lays himself down on the bed and pulls Maya and Nia on top of him. Maya takes the first turn on Logans fuck stick while Nia rides his dirty mouth. When the girls switch it up, Maya takes the time to ensure that Nias passion is second to none as she caresses her girlfriends big tits and rubs her clit in time with Nias stiffie ride.

Finally sated, the girls drop to their bellies and go back to stroking and sucking for Logans delight. His hips buck as the girls bring him close to cumming. When he finally explodes, his cumshot gives them each a hot facial. Covered in Logans love, Nia and Maya lick his fuck stick clean and exchange one last kiss of desire.
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