BratPrincess2 - Lola - Two Ruins Swallowed Followed by Forced Estrogen Injection (Emasculation Training) (1080p/FullHD)

Lola is doing some emasculation training with a slave in the Edging Salon. The slave is restricted in a metal stockade. He wears a virtual reality headset which shows him a collection of gangbang images of girls swallowing cum. Lola explains to her viewers the methodology to the training. The slave will be doing cum swallowing today as part of his emasculation, so it will need to have an orgasm. She explains to the slave that he is not equipped to play the “boy part” sexually. He will instead have to be trained to swallow cum like a girl (or really anyone who isn’t masculine). For now, it will be just his own loads, but eventually, he will be converted into a totally indiscriminate cum dumpster. Lola milks the slave until it has two ruined orgasms into a glass. She then spoon-feeds the slave its cum while it is still held tightly in the stockade. After the slave has swallowed it all, Lola cuts its clothing. She takes a syringe and administers an estrogen injection to the slave while it is still in bondage. She explains to the slave that the estrogen will help shrink its disgusting penis and perhaps even help him develop small breasts. Cum swallowing training is going to be very useful for the slave as it becomes more and more feminine. (15:21 long)
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