- Winnie Cooper - Fuck Machine Fuckery Pregnant (1080p/FullHD)

Well I bought a fucking machine while 38 weeks pregnant despite some concern it may not be safe. Ive just been crazy crazy horny for some dick, I need to be fucked! I could not resist. First few minutes of the video, the machine starts to fuck me and I just let go and actually find myself peeing, lol. If you like that - awesomeee, if thats not your thing, just pretend in your mind its squirting. Next quick minute after that, I try using a 12 inch dildo - its fun to watch it stretch me out and try to push its massiveness inside of me, but this scene is quick as the dildo was too heavy for the machine. Rest of video - me getting fucked by the machine with the orginal dildo!! I put a hitachi on my clit and cum really hard. I really like my facial expressions in this video - its clear I am having a very, very good time
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