EvolvedFights.com - Crystal Rush - Crystal Rush vs Brad Sterling (1080p/FullHD)

Brad Sterling is a tall dark handsome stud. He trains regularly and his body shows it. Crystal Rush is a beautiful athletic Russian who use to wrestle with boys in school. She has never done a competitive fight but she has been know to beat up on boys ( and girls) in street fights. Shes a natural born athlete and the way she moves on the mats shows she has some skill. Brad is easily able to over power this little thing in wrestling. Its almost not fair to put these two together just based on the size difference but thats only if you dont know what a sexual deviant Crystal Rush is. This girl is constantly going for Brads dick. She tugs it sucks it and edges poor Brad until hes close to popping. As always, orgasms on the mat are an instant victory in round 3 so Crystal Rush may just be able to walk away with a W if she keeps up those BJ skills. Winner dominates the loser with choke fucking and acrobatic athletic fucking.
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