- Eliza Eves - Porn Dude Casting (2160p/2K UHD)

Eliza Eves is the kind of cutie who giggles when she tells you she’s “just a complete sex addict.” I can relate—ever since meeting her, I’ve been fiending for another hit of that hot mouth and tight pussy! She was practically made for porno. It’s not just the cute face or sexy body, but her sheer enthusiasm for fucking. “I was just a huge slut,” she told me with a giggle. “I was meeting with 3 different tinder dudes a day. Im just a complete sex addict.” The 22-year-old nympho got into camming a couple years ago with the hope she’d be recruited into the fucking-on-video business, and what do you know? It turns out sex dreams sometimes come true, which made me even more excited—I’ve had a dream or two since catching her on the tubes!
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