- Clay, Beau - Beau Plays with Clay (1080p/FullHD) - Clay, Beau - Beau Plays with Clay (1080p/FullHD)

Now it’s time to see Clay and Beau in action, swinging their bats! I promise that’s not yet another bad bat reference because Clay’s in this episode. The episode actually starts off with Beau and Clay out on a baseball diamond, having a little fun before taking things to the bedroom! Clay wasn’t too sure he wanted to give guy/guy action a shot initially, but I’m reasonably certain most all of us wanted him to give it a shot after seeing his solo and his first Coeds episode! He’s a hottie, has a nice thick dick, shoots a nice big load, and looks hot as heck in action! Thankfully, he eventually came around to the idea, and I’m glad he did. Getting to be paired up with Beau surely must have left Clay glad he agreed to give guy/guy action a shot, as well! To have handsome, ripped, Beau - someone we all know can take it like a champ and knows how to get himself and his partner off - as the one breaking you in must leave an impression! But hey, I think Beau was just as thrilled with this one as Clay! We’d seen the thick cock Clay’s packing before, but Beau’s the one that got to feel it! Beau’s the one that gets to have it pumping his hole, driving in deep, sliding in and out of his ass! Clay’s dick thrusting in and out of Beau’s hole most definitely did the trick for Beau - he fires off a huge load all over Clay’s smooth, tight chest. Did it do the trick for Clay, as well? Well, Clays a bit of a shy guy, and I suspect he was a bit blown away by all the feelings and being in such a new and different situation. Seeing the load Clay shoots out leaves absolutely no doubt it most definitely did do the trick for him, though!

Porno actress: Clay, Beau
Title: Beau Plays with Clay
Release date: 2020
Porno Site:

Porno Genre: Gays, Anal, Rimming, Solo, Blowjob, Masturbation, Rimjob, Bareback, Baseball, Bedroom, Suit and Tie, Cumshot
Duration: 00:19:11

Quality: FullHD
Format: mp4
Size: 844.15 Mb

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